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New Canadian small businesses need your help.

Petition to help save small businesses

Got a little shine in the Star this morning. ✨

The Star Feature

Caught up with @thekitca to talk clean kicks and sustainable living. 👟🎧 Feature

Thank you for featuring us as a #NotableBusiness alongside other badass Canadian brands! 🌟

Shoe Laundry feature on Notable Business
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Flashback to the snapback. 🧢 Plus, how to clean your hats with our cleaning kit. ✨

Flashback to Snapback Blog 012

Three decades in + they're just getting started. 🚀

Air Max day 2021

Spring Cleanin' --> How to clean your favourite fabrics. 👟🧼✨

How To Guide

Our Most Anticipated Sneaker Drops of 2021. 👀

2021 Sneaker Drops

How Do You Know If a Product is Really Made in Canada?

Made in Canada Blog

Our Top 5 Sneaker Moments of 2020. 😅

Top 5 Sneaker Moments of 2020

Did you know: only 7% of cleaning products properly list their ingredients?

The Ultimate Shoe Cleaner

Womxn are shaping sneaker culture - in design labs, boardrooms and brand campaigns. 💪🏽

This Year In Womxns Sneakers