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Cleaning Kit

Cleaner, Brush, and Cloth

CAD $40.00 
CAD $45.00 
Shoe Laundry's all-in-one multi-fabric cleaning kit has the essential items you’ll need for clean, scuff-free kicks. Featuring an innovative 100% natural ready-to-use foam cleaner, premium soft-to-medium bristle bamboo brush, and reusable pearl microfibre cloth. Designed to (actually) work. Made in Canada.

Shoe Cleaner
᠆ 177 ml (6 fl oz.) Ready-to-Use Foam
᠆ 100% Natural, No Colour Or Smell
᠆ It Won't Cause Any Discolouration
᠆ Read Our FAQ For a Breakdown On Fabrics
᠆ Product of Canada (100% Canadian Made)

Shoe Brush
᠆ Handcrafted Bamboo Handle
᠆ Soft-to-Medium Sisal Bristles
᠆ Safe On All Fabrics
᠆ Made in Canada

Shoe Cloth
᠆ 10" x 10" Pearl Weave
᠆ Reusable & Rewashable
᠆ Ultra Absorbent 365 GSM
- Made in Canada

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Our plant-based formula has zero chemicals or harsh toxins, so it won’t damage your kicks or cause discolouration. It’s odour-free and 100% natural, made from a coconut derivative that works like magic on dirty kicks. Safe on skin, safe on fabrics, and safe on the environment.

Our team has crafted this powerful trio to keep your sneakers looking how they did during week one → read our How-To-Guide here!

Got shoe care Q’s? Read our FAQ and How-To-Guide

Our biodegradable packaging is designed using 100% unbleached (post-consumer) recycled paper material and assembled entirely without the use of adhesives. Made to (completely) recycle. Once it’s used up, you can upcycle the entire kit.

We partner with a sustainable US manufacturer that offers 100% post-consumer recycled materials for our packaging. All materials are then produced and assembled right here in Toronto, Canada.

Shoe Laundry Essential Cleaning KitOntario Made Product
Shoe Laundry Essential Cleaning Kit
Shoe Laundry Essential Cleaning Kit
Shoe Laundry Essential Cleaning Kit
Shoe Laundry Essential Cleaning Kit