Microfiber Cloth

Ultra Absorbent

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Microfiber Cloth
Microfiber Cloth
Microfiber Cloth

Our multi-use microfiber cloth is an environmentally-friendly option with an impressive absorption capacity, used to remove dirt and excess shoe cleaner during the cleaning process

᠆ 10"x10"

᠆ 365 GSM

᠆ Ultra Absorbent

᠆ Lint Free

᠆ Unbleached

᠆ Made in Canada

Extra Absorbent

A simple water rinse and air dry will do the trick. Want to go the extra mile for an occasional deep clean? Add a few drops of our shoe cleaning formula to a bowl of warm water and let your cloth soak, allowing the dirt to lift. Our reusable microfibre cloth is perfect for any surface - not just your shoes!

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This item is sold unwrapped as a part of our commitment to reducing global waste.