Premium Shoe Brush

Soft-to-Medium Bristles

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Premium Shoe Brush
Premium Shoe Brush
Premium Shoe Brush

Our premium shoe cleaning brush is plant-based, made with a sustainable bamboo wood handle and natural bristles from sisal fibres. Our brush keeps its qualities and smoothness over time, made to last through even the toughest stains.

᠆  Handcrafted Lightweight Bamboo Handle

᠆  Soft-to-Medium Sisal Bristles

᠆  65% More Liquid Absorbent Than Artificial Bristles

᠆  Safe On All Materials Such As Premium Leather or Cotton mesh

᠆  Made in Canada

Bamboo Handle

To clean your brush, simply rinse with water when necessary. This baby is plant-based, from the bamboo handle to the sisal plant bristles. The more you use and rinse, the sturdier the bristles will get!

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This item is sold unwrapped as a part of our commitment to reducing global waste.