The Ultimate Shoe Cleaner Without The Toxins

Jennifer Di Paolo
December 4, 2020
5 minutes

When buying generic household cleaning products, have you ever considered the harmful long-term impacts they can have on your health and your environment? You don’t have to look farther than the products’ own labels to see all the hazard and health warnings. They often list dangerous chemicals in their ingredients, and that’s only what they have disclosed. 

According to The Environmental Working Group, only 7% of the cleaning products they researched properly listed their ingredients.

These products are dangerous to breathe in and irritate your skin, requiring the use of gloves when being handled. And it’s not just us that are being negatively impacted, these cleaners end up in our air although they are toxic for humans, animals, and vegetation. They also end up down our drains and entering our water systems to create damage there too. A much better alternative to the use of these harsh chemicals are all-natural cleaning products.

Environmentally friendly cleaners are highly effective and are much better for you, the environment, and your precious items; you can get a more effective clean without the long-term damage.

When you consciously choose all natural and sustainable products, you are making a better choice for your own health and the communities we live in.

Here at Shoe Laundry, sustainability is our number one priority, that’s why we created our all natural and biodegradable Shoe Cleaner. Our Shoe Cleaner is free from bleach, dye, fragrance, synthetic preservatives and toxins, while still being a powerful cleaner. The Shoe Cleaner formula uses Coco Glucoside, an all natural cleaning agent derived from fruit sugars and coconut oil. Coco Glucoside is a strong antibacterial cleaner that lifts dirt and tough stains, all while being gentle on the fabric of your shoes and your skin. With our Shoe Cleaner, you can keep your shoes looking brand new without being harmful to your health or the environment.

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